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Symogen is an international service provider covering all aspects of pharmacovigilance/medical device vigilance, medical writing, regulatory & QA services. Symogen supports pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers, biotechnology and cosmetic makers worldwide. We help take our client companies reach the end user market quickly.

Symogen has endeared itself to customers by constantly pursuing perfection in the the pharmaceutical and biotech space. Symogen’s excellent track record has meant that clients seek us out for streamlining of their services and provide solutions that help them find the edge over the competition.

Our consulting services include management of submissions, preparation of dossiers, strategic advisory services and addressing every conceivable compliance issue for our client.

Established in 2007, team Symogen has worked on a diverse range of project for client ranging from small start-ups, mid segment companies to some of the biggest names in the pharma industry. We can also share client testimonials about our capabilities on specific types of projects that you might have a requirement for.

Benefits of partnering with Symogen:

Expert team of Pharmacovigilance Professionals

We have one of the most capable and knowledgeable group of Pharmacovigilance professionals under one roof, including some of the marquee names in the global drug safety industry. The team is led by a group of experts, and supported by qualified, trained and experienced group of physicians, scientists and epidemiologists who have many years of experience successfully executing drug/device safety projects across EU, US and India.

Project delivery Quality and Continuity

Our client speak very highly of us. We have an impeccable track record of high quality and consistent project delivery as we take pride in having a very deep understanding of the project requirements. Our strength lies in the experience and training of our teams spread across our UK and US offices. Clients are allocated specific teams, and depending on specific requirements, the teams can be involved in case processing, reconciliation, reporting, aggregate report production, medical review writing and other PV activities.

Additionally, our literature review, submissions and regulatory experts with multiple years of functional knowledge who ensure compliance with all outlined tasks.

Global reach and capabilities

With offices in 3 major continents, our reach is global. We are also a culturally aware team of professionals who are extremely adept at building relationships globally while keeping the local nuances in mind.

Project timelines

Time means money for our client. We are an extremely time conscious organization and totally understand the challenging time constraints that our partner organizations face in a strong regulatory environment. In fact, on areas like case processing, we have a strong ability to scale up our talent pool to meet any unexpected surge in case volumes.



Symogen’s goal in being a business-enabler has reinforced its motto – Quality through Responsibility.
Whether it is to go the extra mile to achieve client satisfaction or to innovate when routine processes just won’t do, we are the forefront of client tailored solutions.


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Led by a Team of Passionate Experts

Our team consists of industry experts having in-depth niche experience, expertise in clinical data and global capabilities. Through our global offices, the team’s mission is to help the clients with full range of pharmacovigilance consulting and clinical development support.

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December 26,2019
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AI in Pharmacovigilance

Key Takeaways:

  1. Adverse Event reporting has increased substantially in the last few years.
  2. Clients and CRO’s are both looking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.
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November 29,2019
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Medical Devices

Key Takeaways:

  • Intense scrutiny of medical devices by regulatory authorities (EU-MDR and FDA) increasing both in Europe and US.
  • High quality data driven clinical research, ISO...

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September 26,2019
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Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing

  • The pharmacovigilance industry is poised for a quantum growth in 2020
  • Complexities are increasing due to new drug launches and higher degree of regulatory requirements.
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