Company Profile

Symogen has an impeccable reputation for excellent customer services and extremely ethical and high quality of work. Our clients are large, midsize and small pharmaceutical and biotech companies world-wide.



Symogen believes in working together with clients in an ethical and transparent manner to advance the science of proactive pharmacovigilance to meet the regulatory demands. Symogen provides quality service to clients, based on continuous innovation, high quality and total confidentiality.


Symogen Team

Dr Arun Biswas Managing Director and
Chief Medical Officer
Dr Pipasha Biswas Executive Director & QPPV

Bobby Mahajan Director & Head of Global PV Operations
Pedro Berrio IT Director
Dr. Lynda Wilton Advisor

Global Presence

With main offices in Europe, United States and Asia, Symogen provides uninterrupted services 24/7/365 world wide. We are able to create specialized teams for deployment in any part of the world, increasing the efficiency and decreasing the overall outsourcing costs of your company.